Why a Center For Universal Peace?

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  • Ego: the impediment to awakening…and receiving


As a teenager living in Queens New York, I used to climb a hill and watch the cars stopped at the light, waiting to get on the expressway. I was using a pair of binoculars and was far away enough so that the people in the cars weren’t aware that I was looking at them. The happy enthusiastic smiles that masked their faces when they were in front of others were gone. The great majority of faces were grim, etched with pain, misery, and exhaustion. After a while I turned away and climbed down the hill, saddened by what I saw. I knew there had to be a better way to live. But I didn’t know how. I was an anxious, hyperactive kid that had no idea who I was or how to make my own life better. Almost 50 years later, the world has sped up. People now have even more on their plates.

Don’t take me wrong. I think this is the greatest time to be alive in the history of the world, but it comes with a price. We are busier than ever before. The vibration of modern life is spinning so quickly it is hard to be still and centered. We are so focused on trying to accomplish and further our outer lives, that we’ve lost ourselves in the process.

Pain and Suffering
A famous neurosurgeon was once asked: What is the greatest high in life?

She replied: “To be out of pain, of course.”

If you’ve ever been in severe or chronic pain, you know it’s true. And as we look around us, there is much pain and suffering.

The Healer’s Credo
When some witness the pain of the world, they try to put it out of their minds. Others panic, shut down, get overwhelmed or depressed. Still others’ see the same pain and suffering, but it triggers a deep overwhelming hunger to help make the world a better place. I call the need to help alleviate pain the healer’s credo. It isn’t an attitude, or a way of thinking. Nor is it born out of duty, guilt, or fear. It’s an opening from the inside, a profound awakening of the heart. When the heart is truly open and vulnerable, one cannot help but lessen the suffering of others. It happened to Buddha, Mohamed, Christ, Mahivir, and all the spiritual masters, and sooner or later this deep thirst arises to in all of us.

I created the Center For Universal Peace as a resource for those that have a deep desire to help alleviate suffering and pain…To be a Bringer Of Peace, and also for those that want peace for themselves.

True Fulfillment
From murderer to saint we are all looking for fulfillment. Most want to be happy, healthy, rich, loved, famous, and have a “good” life. But sadly most people never attain to happiness. When it comes time to die there’s frequently regrets, and unrealized dreams, and even then one is afraid to die.

Inner Peace
To truly possess peace we have to be free of our own ego mind. Sooner or later one sees that no matter how successful he is, how much he has, or how famous he becomes, he won’t be completely fulfilled, or at peace. I’ve seen many successful, accomplished people who are still looking for something. They are still afraid, still not at peace, and still not free. When one truly sees that the outer paths can’t bring fulfillment, they turn inside themselves.

Turning in means to go inside our mind and face or fears, insecurities, and all that’s tying us up in knots. As you go progressively deeper into your mind, you eventually reach your core and find the deep stillness of your true nature. Awakening is when you see that you aren’t separate at all, but the essence of life, the very substance of the universe.

I could easily have called this site the center for universal love, joy, or gratitude. In reality love, peace, joy, and gratitude are often mutually interdependent. I decided on peace, only because peace is all inclusive. Peace is a byproduct of genuine health, wellbeing, and fulfillment on every level.

The blog posts will center around the following topics:

  • Helping (giving and receiving)
  • Gratitude
  • Humor (Especially laughing at yourself)
  • Meditation
  • Death On your Shoulder (Death is an ally to live fully)
  • Facing Fear
  • Meditate on Non-duality
  • Inner Peace
  • Awakening
  • Impediments to Awakening


These posts offer simple, non-religious suggestions to be more awake and aware. The hope is that these practices will inspire and jolt you from your ego self and ultimately lead you to awakening and inner peace. If you are at peace, it will be natural to spread joy, love, peace, and gratitude to others.